happy friday! it's finally starting to feel like fall in slo. we even got some rain! i know i'm a spoiled californian and shouldn't gripe about sunshine, but i'm ready for more grey days. more watching rain hit the window, more cups of tea, more coat-wearing. 

here are some fun things from around the web:

a modern house in london with a rainbow spiral staircase

this is how women in prison make their own make-up

watching Interstellar must have piqued my interest in space — here's an astronaut's account of what living zero gravity is really like.

louis c.k. has wise words about creativity and solving problems

cabin porn


tonight I had one of the best feelings. it is this:

you're walking through the streets, and it starts to get dark — maybe it even starts to drizzle a little, like it did for me this evening. as the sky darkens, windows of the houses you pass begin to light up. the air is cold and raindrops start to dot the sidewalk, and you see people in their kitchens and living rooms, starting dinner or under a blanket on their couch.** then you realize the next house you pass is yours, and you see a welcoming light in the window. you realize you get to go in this house, and you are going to be the cozy and warm person inside.

**neighbors: i'm sorry, yes, i do this. If i ever get a chance, especially when it's dark out and your lights are on and the view is so clear, i'm looking in your window. i'm always curious to see what it looks like in other people's homes. i assume you'd do the same to me — which is why i close the blinds as soon as twilight hits.



i thought it would be fun to post re-caps of the weekend on mondays. of course, this is tuesday night. oh well.

saturday we walked downtown for some shopping. this is the first place I've ever lived where I'm close enough to walk downtown from my house, and it's one of my favorite things about living here. i love the small-town vibe, with one distinct center for everyone to gather in. Sam has a full closet...but hadn't been shopping in a while. it was fun to go shopping with a man in mind. he looks at and considers clothes in such a different way than i do. saturday night he made vegetarian sushi for us (while I took a video of him).

sunday, we woke up and got coffee in avila, a smaller beach town nearby, and took loki to the beach. as you can see in the photo, he had a LOT of fun. luckily there are so many dog-friendly places are around here loki has places to run free and make friends. (and dig holes that aren't in our backyard.) in the afternoon we saw the new movie Interstellar which was...much more emotional than i anticipated. i won't give anything away, but i think i cried 5 times. 

already can't wait for next weekend...



hello! this is awkward. 

as it says in the sidebar, my name is kayla and I live in san luis obispo, ca with my boyfriend sam and our puppy loki. i'm a designer. i wanted to create this blog as a creative free space, and a space to share my life in accompaniment to my work. here goes nothing...